Will iPhone 5 Better Than Samsung Galaxy S3?

In the technology market of United States, rumors for iPhone 5 once again is rising high because the latest Smartphone of Samsung named as Galaxy S3 has been released recently. So, the critics, trade experts and public are assuming that AAPL will be launching its most awaited iPhone soon. You can also visit iPhone 5 blog to find out the latest on iPhone 5 release rumors.

A recent report says that the people are quite disappointed with the features of Samsung Galaxy S3 because people were expecting super AMOLED plus display screen whereas it is same as in Galaxy S2. Also the users were looking forward for a 2GB RAM but Galaxy S3 has 1GB RAM. The dissatisfaction of the users with the features of Samsung Galaxy S3 will benefit the AAPL because now people will wait for the iPhone 5 and will prefer to buy it.

The trade analysts believe that the features of iPhone 5 will surely be better than Samsung Galaxy S3 because there is not even an enticing feature in it, Whereas, AAPL will surely introduce one or two outstanding features in its upcoming iPhone. Let’s have a look over the expected features of next-gen iPhone.

  • Holographic Display
  • Laser Keyboard
  • 3D 8MP Camera
  • 4G LTE Network
  • NFC Technology
  • And additional features.

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and 4G LTE network system will be featured for the first time in iPhones. Hence, it can be said that the upcoming iPhone will be a new version, and people will love to experience the complete new device. It is also assumed that iPhone 5 will have a larger display screen and Ultra slim look. Both of these features will fascinate the customers to stick to 6th generation iPhone.

We know that AAPL is leading company in mobile industry and the products of the company become popular in the market even before they are launched. People are already aware with the name of iPhone 5 and its rumors. Some of the trade experts believe that rumors for iPhone 5 has been flowed by the company only to get the extra mileage. However, the gadget lovers are just waiting for the release of upcoming iPhone, so that they can explore its real features.

Most of the speculations confirm that the upcoming iPhone will release in either in month of July or in October month.

The people should also know that this time the cost of the upcoming iPhone will be higher because it is estimated that the next gen iPhone will be a sizzling device with superb features. Hence, AAPL will surely keep the price of its next iPhone slightly above than iPhone 4 and 4S.

The critics say that if iPhone 5 releases in July then, it will surely beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 in sales records. But, it is released in October then it may also break the record of iPhone 4S in sales. However, some people also believe that next gen iPhone will be available in the next year only. But the release will surely thrill you with iphone5 features of Holographic display, Laser Keyboard and 3D camera is introduced for the first time in the mobile industry.

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