A Bird’s Eye View on Cool Apple Gadgets

Apple Pixeet

Apple Pixeet 360 Lens and Case for outstanding panoramic viewing is really something extraordinary and a must have for your iPhone. This cool mobile accessory is compatible with Apple iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4. Apple Pixeet will let you enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of different objects. Its “fish eye” lens is designed to cover conventional lens of your iPhone, and once it’s attached, it will enhance its features. Pixeet “fish eye” lens can turn your camera experience into a wondrous word.

Apple Pixeet

There is no rocket science involved, as it can be used very easily. It’s compact and can impress you with its tremendous and appealing results. Apple Pixeet is combined with a “fish lens” and a “lens adopter silicone case.” This casing is made to attach fish eye lens with the mobile.

Its core features are its unique HD 4096×2048 resolution, auto exposure, one-shot, album creation, landscape, and portrait mode. Apple Pixeet 360 is a modern innovation and a must have for your iPhone. Now, it’s your time to capture your images through this outstanding gadget!

Apple iPad

After its glorious launch, Apple iPad has already grabbed attention of the mobile users around the world. Imagine how it feels to type on a large screen Apple iPad. Its glowing screen and vibrant colors are breathtaking. At least, for those people who are sick of small iPhone screens, it is a big relieve.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad has a futuristic sleek look, sharp and intelligent touch screen, and outstanding e-mail and photo apps. Like its pros, there are some cons as well. Apple iPad can’t support flash, no camera, which means no photos and no video recording. Even, Apple iPad is not supporting “multi-tasking.” It’s quite uncomfortable for music lovers, as ear buds are not included with this gadget. These major flaws can overshadow a huge number of customers and Apple users.

Technology gurus are taking it more critically and emphasizing that Apple iPad will not suit the needs of common users. Just imagine, if you can’t watch your animation or some video, which is supported by flash, then how would you feel like? So, who cares about this glowing tablet, if it’s not made for their common needs? Like other negative aspects, Apple iPad is dependent on “AT&T 3G.” These shortcomings are more than enough for a user to revert back, if he has made up his mind to purchase Apple iPad.

Apple iPod touch

It’s no surprise for the Apple iPod users to have something new and interesting as Apple is associated with cool experiments. The Apple iPod touch 2010 is thinner, shiner, and made of pitch black metal. It is quite different from the last version of iPod touch.
Apple iPod touch

So what’s new with iPod touch 2010?

Making it more thinner, apple has come up with many changes in its traditional iPod. It looks quite small, but has awesome features and quality to prove itself in the market. Its “hard buttons” have been changed into one home key, and a power button. This is a right move, and should be done earlier than the time. A futuristic small new camera is a cool addition, which is available on the top corner of the iPod.

2010 version is equipped with “A4CPU,” which is a big change, as A4CPU is also used in iPhone and iPad. It seems iPod users are quite lucky to have this luxury in this smart gadget. Like CPU, it has an appealing “3.5-inch” Retina display touch screen. Retina is the future of touch screens and it is a big plus for 2010 version. Imagine how does it feel to have 960×640 resolutions on your iPod?

No doubt, the touch screen resolution is quite dark than iPhone 4 screen, but still Apple has done something to make the iPod a big crush for iPod lovers. Last but not the least, its sound quality is outstanding and little better than the previous version of Apple iPod.

Apple iPhone 4

There is no need to read articles and reviews about iPhone 4. This version has everything for all! It’s a good bargain and a cool gadget.

Apple iPhone 4

From vibrant colors to sleek looks, iPhone 4 has come up with a whole new design. It’s a big change and a good addition in the Apple family. Its cool specs include a big 3.5 generous touch display, which consist of 960-640 pixels. It has a powerful 1GHz A4 processor, which can also be found in Apple iPod 2010 version.

What you say about a 5 mega pixel camera? Its decent camera with LED flash is capable of making HD videos and cool pix. Now, the choice is yours and it’s your decision to select 16GB or 32GB versions. Like these features, it also offers WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, Digital compass and A-GPS. You can also avail Apple’s “iMovie” feature on your iPhone 4 by just spending $4.99.

This article is written by Kevin Moor, who also writes for speedmycomputer.net, a site emphasizing on how to speed up computer.

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